Giving That Makes A Difference


​Think back.  What is the first time you can recall someone reading an exciting book to you?  Did you picture yourself in the story and the adventures you would have?  When you traveled through time, rode the high seas to a distant land, or passed through a portal into another world... how did you feel?  Did you encounter pirates?  Dragons? Talking animals?

This is the type of excitement that Character 4 Kids, Inc. wants children to experience, especially those that have had health setbacks or are challenged financially and might not be able to get one of these great stories on their own.  At the same time, we screen books to make sure that they have positive, uplifting themes with good morals and values for children to embrace and learn from.  

​Character 4 Kids, Inc. takes stewardship of its assets very seriously.  100% of the money donated to the organization, goes towards the purchase and delivery of books.  While we appreciate donations for us to utilize in the various projects we evaluate on an ongoing basis, we like to encourage donors to use us as a resource to impact your own community (where ever that may be).


Step 1: Identify a Children's Hospital, Urban Reading Program, Low-income School, Boy's & Girls's Club, Orphanage or other appropriate children's organization you would like to have a positive impact on.  

Step 2: Contact us with the details - Organization, Approximate number of children and Donation Amount.

Step 3: Make the Donation - We will let you know how many books we can purchase with your donation.  In volume it is possible for us to get a hardcover book for as little as $1 each plus shipping.  Contact us for our paypal address or send a check made payable to Character 4 Kids, Inc. 

Step 4: Delivery - We will ship the books to the appropriate address.

Step 5: Participate - Be part of the delivery as an individual, family, church, community organization, or corporation.  Get permission to take photos.  We love seeing the looks on kids faces when books are received!