Our Mission

To provide exciting books with positive moral values, to children that have had physical and financial setbacks, to help unlock potential and develop good character.

We embrace several of the fifteen recognized teaching strategies and school-wide reforms that rigorous scientific research has shown to have positive effects on adolescent  literacy achievement.  Specifically, the Character 4 Kids organization is engaged in the following activities:

  • review and acquisition of age-appropriate character-building reading materials that help mold positive thinking and behavior in young people;
  • engaging businesses and individual donors to impact their communities through actively participating in a book delivery and reading time; 
  • sponsoring programs and services to strengthen positive character development among youth through volunteer mentors and neighborhood-based reading clubs;
  • working with local and state organizations to provide character-building materials to their network of young people; and
  • working with parents, caregivers and home-school advocates to advance improved reading and literacy levels in the home.

 We define success as impacting both the donor and the recipient.  If you think long enough, you can recall your favorite childhood book and how it stirred your imagination.         Our desire is to share that same positive feeling with disadvantaged children who might not otherwise get this opportunity to grow in this way.